Hello everyone…

I am deeeelighted that the Evening Standard named Bee’s Bakery in their top five biscuit makers…being listed alongside the Biscuiteers is something I am very proud of indeed!

Here’s a (terrible) picture of the article, and a link to the online piece is below.


Bee. xx


Some lucky Londoners are getting their chops round these pretty biscuits at a cool event by www.twentyfirst.com


We’ve started making cookies with more than 4 letters – the rectangular ones, we think they look pretty cool no?

We make jammie biscuits for all occasions…birthdays, celebrations, babies, weddings and just for fun.

Buy online from: http://www.etsy.com/shop/BeeBakery and http://www.loveyourlarder.com/beesbakery.












Set collections are available on these themes:

  • Celebration: Biscuits read ‘woo’, ‘yay’, ‘cool’ and ‘wow’
  • Wedding Favours: Biscuits are personalised with the couples initials
  • Food: Biscuits read ‘yum’, ‘hot’, ‘eat’ and ‘bite’
  • Love: Biscuits read ‘cute’, ‘love’, ‘sexy’ and ‘hot’
  • Emoticon: Biscuits have smiley; laughing, cheeky and quizzical faces
  • New Baby: Biscuits read ‘new’ ‘baby’, ‘boy’ or ‘girl
  • Special Order: Biscuits can be custom-made jammie’s for party bags, launch events, corporate  gifts and any other occasion you can think of.


Well, kind of…

My favourite 4 year old on the planet, when asked what sort of birthday party he wanted, said a BISCUIT BAKING ONE…so off i went, with cutters, dough and decorations, to play at making biscuits with ten four year olds…it was awesome.

We cut out dinosaurs, stars and hearts from vanilla and decorated some pre-baked shaped using sprinkles and coloured buttercream…no tantrums or mood swings from me or the kids!



This could be something i do a wee bit more often, what a lovely way to spend a sunday morning!

Amazing photography by Kajal Patel: Twitter: @KajalNP Web: www.Kajalpatel.com


We were taking some awesome photos of some new biscuits in the park this weekend, and this little beast hung around until we shared the spoils!

New biscuits available to buy on Etsy include:

– the OMG range: biscuits read ‘OMG’ ‘LOL’ and ‘WTF’

– the New Thanks range: biscuits read ‘TA’, ‘THX’, and ‘THANKS’

– the New Home range: biscuits read ‘NEW’, ‘HOME’, and ‘smiley face’

– the new Birthday range: biscuits read: ‘BDAY’, ‘BOY’ or ‘GIRL’, and a name up to 4 letters

Available here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/BeeBakery