My Jammie biscuits will be part of an event at Selfridges Food Hall all the way through April – and I’ll be sampling on Saturday 6th and Saturday 13th April…it’d be awesome to see you there!

Details are on my facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Bees-Bakery/151282634884154

And some info here: http://style.selfridges.com/whats-on/join-us-celebrate-local-food-heroes


Hello everyone…

I am deeeelighted that the Evening Standard named Bee’s Bakery in their top five biscuit makers…being listed alongside the Biscuiteers is something I am very proud of indeed!

Here’s a (terrible) picture of the article, and a link to the online piece is below.


Bee. xx


Some lucky Londoners are getting their chops round these pretty biscuits at a cool event by www.twentyfirst.com


We’ve started making cookies with more than 4 letters – the rectangular ones, we think they look pretty cool no?

We make jammie biscuits for all occasions…birthdays, celebrations, babies, weddings and just for fun.

Buy online from: http://www.etsy.com/shop/BeeBakery and http://www.loveyourlarder.com/beesbakery.












Set collections are available on these themes:

  • Celebration: Biscuits read ‘woo’, ‘yay’, ‘cool’ and ‘wow’
  • Wedding Favours: Biscuits are personalised with the couples initials
  • Food: Biscuits read ‘yum’, ‘hot’, ‘eat’ and ‘bite’
  • Love: Biscuits read ‘cute’, ‘love’, ‘sexy’ and ‘hot’
  • Emoticon: Biscuits have smiley; laughing, cheeky and quizzical faces
  • New Baby: Biscuits read ‘new’ ‘baby’, ‘boy’ or ‘girl
  • Special Order: Biscuits can be custom-made jammie’s for party bags, launch events, corporate  gifts and any other occasion you can think of.


Well, kind of…

My favourite 4 year old on the planet, when asked what sort of birthday party he wanted, said a BISCUIT BAKING ONE…so off i went, with cutters, dough and decorations, to play at making biscuits with ten four year olds…it was awesome.

We cut out dinosaurs, stars and hearts from vanilla and decorated some pre-baked shaped using sprinkles and coloured buttercream…no tantrums or mood swings from me or the kids!



This could be something i do a wee bit more often, what a lovely way to spend a sunday morning!

Amazing photography by Kajal Patel: Twitter: @KajalNP Web: www.Kajalpatel.com