We were taking some awesome photos of some new biscuits in the park this weekend, and this little beast hung around until we shared the spoils!

New biscuits available to buy on Etsy include:

– the OMG range: biscuits read ‘OMG’ ‘LOL’ and ‘WTF’

– the New Thanks range: biscuits read ‘TA’, ‘THX’, and ‘THANKS’

– the New Home range: biscuits read ‘NEW’, ‘HOME’, and ‘smiley face’

– the new Birthday range: biscuits read: ‘BDAY’, ‘BOY’ or ‘GIRL’, and a name up to 4 letters

Available here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/BeeBakery


We were recently asked to make some customised jammie biscuits as wedding favours – incorporating the couples initials N and A…we came up with a few ideas, but the little gingerbread men looked the cutest!

They’re great because they can be personalised with the couples initials or just a simple heart shape…here are a couple more ideas that could look great as favours too…




And here’s a pic of the beautiful couple themselves and their lovely cake (!) – Nic and Al…xx

Hello biscuit lovers!

Allow me to introduce an exciting new limited edition variation on my take on the Jammie Dodger – the “Choccie Dodger”: These chocolate dodgers are made with another great rich crumbly chocolate biscuit and are filled with a lovely dark creamy chocolate ganache – really indulgent! They make a pretty good present, or at least that’s what my friends have told me so far…if you’d like to order any in then let me know – bee@bees.jessepearson.net

And even better (possibly) than that – let me present my new “Ginger Dodgers”, made with a spicy gingerbread biscuit base and filled with dark chocolate ganache, these biscuits are the perfect winter addition my range of Dodgers well that’s what i reckon anyway!

Even more exciting than that, a new addition will be joining the Bee’s Bakery family later this week, a GORGEOUS Italian three-wheeled van, from which I hope to trade at various Christmas markets throughout December – watch the website for details of where I’ll be.

  • Some of the things I’ll be selling from the van are: 
  • Original and dark chocolate “Jammie Dodgers”
  • Choccie Dodgers (crumbly chocolate biscuits, filled with a dark chocolate ganache) 
  • Ginger Dodgers (crunchy spicy gingerbread biscuits, filled with a dark chocolate ganache)
  • Chocolate Stout cake
  • Jamaica Ginger cake
  • Chocolate and Beetroot cake
  • Clementine and Almond Cake
  • Lavender and Rose Shortbread

Hope to see you soon – out the back of the Van!

Bee xx

Bee’s Bakery

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I’m Scottish…so i make a good shortbread, given.

I like to update my classic shortbread recipe with floral essences including lavender and persian rose essence, and decorate with petals which i think look lovely and very wintry…

The first image is a lavender shortbread, and the one with pink petals is made with the iranian rose essence…


I make the odd cupcake, but as they are generally quite BORING (not mine, cupcakes in general!) i like to try something new with mine – these ones are chocolate stout cakes with embossed chocolate icing and some great sugar letters that are probably my new favourite thing…thoughts?

There are loads of different flowers that have edible petals and that flower throughout the year – my window boxes are FULL of them…

Here are some pictures of some gorgeous little cakes – all with edible real flower petals on them…
These are borage flowers on a vanilla sponge base with dark chocolate ganache…


Hello! I am Bee Berrie – creator of Bee’s Bakery…home baking with real bite!

I don’t do this full time, you might call me a moonlight baker, but I love it full time, and this blog is a way to share a few pics of things I’m currently working on, a few pics of things I’ve done in the past, and a wee bit of info about me.

I make great, beautiful bespoke wedding, birthday and just-for-fun cakes – see the archive on the right for images (some better @than others ) and more info.

If you’d like to talk cake//biscuit with me then get in touch – I’d love to hear from you – bee@bees.jessepearson.net

Bee x