We’ve just updated our range of colourful cookies for sale on our Etsy shop! We now have cookies to say Thank you, I love you, Happy Birthday, and LOADS more…you can buy them all online here:


If you’d like our colourful cookies in larger volumes, or in different shapes / sizes, then drop us an email on bee@bees.jessepearson.net

Colourful cookies spotty background

Love Heart   Thank you new baby mini smileys

I love sweeties…and especially old skool ones, including Love Hearts and Wham Bars…I can’t make Wham Bars but I can have a pretty good go at a Love Heart cookie…

Available to purchase on our Etsy store: https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/168953650/bees-bakery-colourful-love-heart-cookies?

Love Heart

Cakes can be expensive, fact. Especially when you want something that looks really different, unique, bespoke, and not “off the peg”…we’ve been thinking about this for a while in the kitchen, and so have come up with something that looks great, tastes delicious, can take the place of a cake, and even better, is a wee bit lighter on the pocket, than a traditionally decorated cake!

Cookie cake side

Its a honey oatmeal and raisin cookie base, filled with coloured buttercream icing…and its pretty yummy.

We score the top of each cookie, so that when it comes to serving it, its easy to cut into pieces and share…

Cookie cake close up

The cookie recipe, and the colour and recipe of the filling are totally personalisable, and we’re working on some mini ones next! Prices start from £25, email us on bee@bees.jessepearson.net to order.


So we’ve been trying out a couple of new techniques in the kitchen, and these little cookies are some of the spoils…its just a prototype at the moment, but we quite like it!

mixed colour painted cookies

These are vanilla sugar dough cookies, topped with coloured fondant icing and then decorated by painting onto hand piped royal icing…kind of fiddly, and quite tricky to master, but we’re on the move with them!

I think the bright colours work pretty well, although the dark blue on this little beast gives a nice contrast with the silver shimmer too…

blue painted cookie

Inspiration was taken from an amazing cookie artist who’s based in upstate New York, called Amber Speigel – major credit where credit is due!

We make lots of colourful cookies for weddings these days – perfect for desert tables – like this cute little cookie jar arrangement.

We can match cookie shapes, sizes and colours to any wedding theme – just drop us a line at bee@bees.jessepearson.net

Wedding cookie jar

[Photograph Adam Stones Photography – http://www.flickr.com/photos/stonesimages/]

We are happy to have been a part of today’s Festifeel Event, for Coppafeel, the breast cancer awareness people – we made some biscuits with a pretty obvious message reminding women to check their boobs regularly, and this is what they looked like!

coppafeel 2


Hello everyone…

Look at these awesome little cookies…they’re our new favourite thing! We can write any message, decorate in any colour, and do any shape you like

BB embossed cookies rainbow HR

Even better, they’re for sale on Etsy NOW: https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/151470030/bees-bakery-colourful-cookies