This weekend one of my edible flower petal cakes was included in the Observers Top 5 – so awesome!

Observer Top 5

The Observer said: “For summer weddings and parties, go to Bee’s Bakery for flower spangled deliciousness”

This cake is a chocolate sponge cake, decorated with vanilla buttercream and scattered with edible flower petals. It is totally customisable, we can make it in any size, shape, and with any number of tiers you like – we have a fantastic selection of cake recipes too!

We do still have the odd spot left for weddings this summer, so get in touch to discuss:


Here are some pics of my most recent wedding and party cakes! I bake everything to commission, and my designs are totally customisable. I still have a few spots available for wedding cakes for this summer, so get in touch if you’d like one!


This is a dinky little pretty thing of a birthday cake – tiers measure 6inches and 4 inches, to serve around 20 people. LOVE the yellow.


Bees bakery, yellow petal cake



And this pretty little rose gold inspired number was commissioned by Etsy UK – for their first ever wedding fair! Its made with edible gold sequins, and lots of beautiful paper flowers…which i particularly love…



This cake is the cousin of the yellow cake, but this time for a wedding in hampstead. Made with edible flower petals, the amazing thing about this cake is that its possible to choose the shape and style of the petals. So if big and pink is your thing then great, but if tiny and blue is more your bag, then that works too – totally customisable.

pink 2

If not, just DO it!

I post lots of cool pictures, often of our cookies and cakes in progress so you’ll get lots of inside info on how the bakery works…

Here’s what you’re missing…

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 20.49.02


Hello all!

I’ve blown it and given away too much…. my 7 tips for baking superfly biscuits are on Jamie Oliver’s website, so now my trade secrets are OUT!

Here are the first three tips, for the rest, you’ll have to visit:



I may be slightly biased, having built a business around biscuits, but lets face it: cookies and biscuits are everything that trendy cupcakes are not.

Anyone worth their baking salt can knock out a cutesy frosted cupcake these days, and that’s cool with me. Cupcakes have their place. To stand out from the crowd, however, you need to splash out for fancy kit and ingredients, pile them high with sugary decorations and, even after all this, they let you down with their short shelf life.

None of this can be said about biscuits and cookies – these babies are quicker, easier, and more versatile than their cakey cousins. Biscuits have short bake times, last for a comparatively long time, and any leftovers – whether baked or still in dough-form – can be frozen and cooked later. In other words, biscuits are total winners.

Baking your own basic biscuits and cookies is easy-peasy, but take on board some of my top tips and you’ll be fast-tracked to biscuit baking brilliance.

1. Use your hands

Get some baking biceps! Don’t cheat with a mixer – engage your abs and arm muscles. You’re going to have a few extra calories to burn off, after all!

2. Know when to stop

Don’t overwork yourself, or your dough. Too much kneading and re-rolling of your dough will result in cracked and misshapen cookies. To avoid this, always cut as many cookies from the first and second rollout of dough as possible, and consider freezing your third rollout before baking.

3. Roll evenly

Turn your dough as you roll, or roll in different directions, to ensure that you’re accounting for any different pressure points and achieve a nice even dough height.

Read more: at





I’ve written an article for Jamie Oliver with some top tips for getting the best out of baking your own hot cross buns!

hot cross buns

Below are some snippets from the article, the full one is available at:

According to ancient superstition, baking your own hot cross buns on Good Friday will help you win friends, influence people, protect against kitchen fires, and guarantee that all bread baked in your kitchen turns out perfectly.

It’s not as though we should need to be persuaded to tackle a bake like the hot cross bun (the home bakers’ “challenging-but-achievable” holy grail), but if I did then the list above would swing it for me every time.

There are tonnes of stories, superstitions, fables, bits of folklore and even a well-known song about hot cross buns, but my favourite part of their history is a certain decree passed by Queen Elizabeth in the 1500’s. Lizzie said that bakers could only sell hot cross buns on Good Friday and Christmas, which led to good home-bakers (and those who had enough money to buy in the spices and rich ingredients needed) to covertly bake them at home, and risk full-batch confiscation if busted by the hot cross bun cops…

Tips for perfect hot cross buns

  • Use your baking muscles when making hot cross buns – no cheating with a dough hook on a mixer!  Use your hands when mixing ingredients and engage your tummy muscles when kneading – I guarantee you’ll end up with a warm glow, a bit of a sweaty brow and you’ll absolutely deserve the treat of a hot bun fresh out of the oven.
  • When your dough is rising, sit the baking tray on top of a big bowl of hot water, so the steam and heat will transfer to the dough and it’ll rise a bit quicker
  • Try splitting your dough into two and using currants in one and cranberries in the other, or even dried cherries for a bit of a change
  • To avoid dry buns, soak your dried fruit for about half an hour in hot water – this’ll make them swell and keep your buns satisfyingly plump for longer
  • Try a few different recipes for the cross on top – some people use a standard water and flour bun wash, but you can also try a line of thinly rolled marzipan, or a little dotted line of candied peel, raisins or even poppy or chia seeds for a bit of a change
  • Play around with different spices, such as cardamom or saffron, if you have some in the back of your cupboard
  • Freeze any spare baked buns you have leftover – they’ll make a brilliant last minute treat if defrosted and toasted later in the year
  • Finally, if you forget about your buns and they go a bit stale, consider baking a brilliant hot cross bun-stylee bread and butter pudding



So…this is Pavilion publishers! They publish books, especially brilliant recipe books. And they’re going to publish mine too.

Its going to be about biscuits and cookies (if you hadn’t guessed!) and its going to be superfly-FANTASTIC!

I’m making it with a brilliant prop stylist called Charlie Phillips, and some super cool photographers called the Haarala Hamiltons…links to both below.

Pavilion books



Charlie Phillips:

Liz and Max Haarala-Hamilton:

Happy New Year! I’ve got four jumpers on…no lie, I can’t bend my arms at the elbows!

So here’s a fun bright snap of some bold wedding cakes and cookies to keep your day shiny and bright… all of our wedding cakes and cookies are totally customisable – we can pretty much match any colour or design you like…get in touch

wedding cake diptic

Happy New Year! I’ve got four jumpers on…no lie, I can’t bend my arms at the elbows!

So here’s a fun bright snap of some bold wedding cakes and cookies to keep your day shiny and bright… all of our wedding cakes and cookies are totally customisable – we can pretty much match any colour or design you like…get in touch

wedding cake diptic

Yo! Its nearly Christmas, and I’m not nearly as organised as i need to be…are you?

If you need last minute stocking fillers – we’ll be taking orders for the below AWESOME customisable cookies until 10am on the 23rd December, and they’ll be delivered on Christmas eve by 2pm…you can get them here:

BeesBakery09140181 copy